About Us

About Us

"Bayazet 1" LLC

Meat processing company "Bayazet" started its activity in the Armenian market in 1998 with the production of quftas. Due to the highest quality, affordable prices and local raw materials, the company "Bayazet" is now a well-established brand with a wide range of meat products. In order to maintain the highest quality products, the company has developed its own farm and carries out daily quality control that meets the required standards. Going in step with the times, the latest equipment is being studied and introduced, new production lines are being used. Thanks to the company's qualified technologists, traditional and modern, European and national are interwoven here. As a result, the consumer receives a quality product with a taste characteristic only for this brand.

Bayazet Meat Products

Premium product and quality

Bayazet manufacturing company has premium quality products exclusively from local fresh, ecologically clean and nutritious meat.

Healthy farming and ECO food

Bayazet company represents ECO product - quail eggs with rich nutrition, healthy and ecologically clean.

Kyufta - diet food

Preparation: Add 1 egg, 20g cognac or vodka to 1-2kg of qyufta, add the chopped head onion if desired. Mix well, leave for 20-30 minutes. Cook in cold water.